UNIVERSAL CURT Rebellion XD ShockDrop Ball Mount (Base Only)


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CURT Rebellion XD Shock Drop Ball Mount 50mm Square Hitch (Class 4) is a leap forward in Towing technology.  It provides more control, confidence, and a more comfortable ride, all while protecting your towing system from jerking, jarring, rattling, and trailer sway.

CURT Rebellion XD Ball Mount is constructed with Shock Drop technology.  Built into the ball mount is a cushioned isolator that inserts between the receiver shank and vertical shank.  The isolator provides dynamic, adaptive suspension of the coupling point giving you a comfortable towing experience and provides increased control in events of sudden braking.

Unlike other cushioned ball mounts, the CURT Rebellion XD Shock Drop Ball Mount has no airbags or bearings, making the unit virtually maintenance-free.  When you’re ready to tow, simply mount it onto your receiver hitch like you would any other ball hitch.

The six height adjustment positions ensure level towing of the trailer, and it is perfect for all kinds of pickup trucks and SUVs, including larger and lifted trucks.

Adjustable, six-position head for precise levelling with different trailers

152mm maximum drop (shank cannot be flipped)

Capacity: 4500kg/450kg



Additional information

Weight 32.00000000 kg
Dimensions 110.0 × 40.0 × 420.0 cm


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