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Without a proper EVEREST bull bar, you may as well leave your PRADO 150S  at home. To get out of a tough situation, employ rugged EVEREST bull bars. They offer the best recovery assistance you need, plus protects your PRADO 150S  front end from perils on the trail.

EVEREST bull bar is made high quality steel that will stand up to a lot of stress that will provide your vehicle protection when from tracking from your local sand dunes to the Great Australian Outback.

We are extremely proud of our flagship PRADO 150S  bull bar and we can guarantee that you will be too!

  • Brand New Premium Steel Bull Bar for TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO 150S (2009-2013)
  • 50mm cross tubing on top loops (black)
  • Includes  indicator , parker & fog lights
  • Supports Winch
  • Includes Polyurethane Bar Overrides
  • Underbody skid plate protection
  • Original Front Bumper is completely removed and eyelids are installed
  • High Quality Finish & Solid Construction
  • Includes Full Mounting/Installation Kit
  • Professional Installation Recommended
  • Product Sourced From An Australian Supplier
  • Product Comes With 12 Months Warranty

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Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 185.0 × 75.0 × 65.0 cm


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