LDV T60 (2018-2022) – TAIL GATE ASSIST


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The Tail Gate Assist is an innovative product designed to reduce the heaviness of the tailgate. The advanced Tail Gate Assist works via a twin strut system which effortlessly dampens the drop of the tailgate which reduces weight while inclining.

The Tail Gate Assist can be installed in less than 20 minutes and does not require any special skills to install. This Tail Gate Assist is one of the only and first systems in the world that does not require drilling. These specially designed struts are designed to mount in the factory bolts of the tailgate, giving a secluded and natural appearance.

This Tail Gate Assist uses a two-strut system that works in perfect harmony with each other. The first strut is designed to dampen the decline of the tailgate, so the user can let the tailgate drop without worrying about it slamming down and potentially damaging the vehicle. The second strut works by offsetting the tailgates weight when inclining, this allows the user to effortlessly lift the tailgate to the closing position.

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